We believe that God's design and intention for humanity is our flourishing and that flourishing is both expressed in the equal essence, dignity and value of men and women and the purposeful differences in our make-up that are building blocks for unity, wholeness and fruitfulness.

Because the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are distinct and one, we get to reflect God in the ways that we are distinct and one such as gender. Men and Women get to be co-laborers side by side in spreading God's kingdom, interdependent in all of life, while still expressed differently making both irreplaceable.

The differences between men and women are part of God's design to reflect his attributes and saving actions throughout creation. Human sinfulness leads to both the erasure and exploitation of differences in a way that divides rather than unite but because of the ministry of reconciliation through Christ we seek to receive and steward what God has given in our corresponding make-up as the gifts they truly are.

Our Women and Men’s Ministries, also known as Refresh Women and Made Men are a critical aspect of “rooting in relationship” at Refresh Community Church.

Finding meaningful, vulnerable and accountable friendship is really hard for adults. These ministries work hard to cultivate an environment where this is possible. Programming varies throughout the year.

Refresh Women

Refresh Women provides spaces for women of all ages and stages to gather, eat, edify, teach and be taught by other women. They host connection events throughout the year, including a retreat. They offer classes during Grow Night, they serve together, love one another and help each other find deep friendship.

Join the Women of Refresh for their monthly rhythm called, The Well. Every second Friday from 6:30-8:30pm at Refresh Community Church.

To learn more email refreshwomen@refreshcommunity.church

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Made Men

Made Men provides a space for men of all sorts to gather, eat, share vulnerably and learn God’s design for manhood in a culture with very confusing messages. They host connections events through the year, including a retreat. They offer classes during Grow Night. They serve together, support one another and work hard to keep men from becoming isolated.

Join the Men of Refresh from their monthly rhythm called, Man Cave. This takes place on the first Monday of every month from 6:30-8:00pm at Refresh Community Church.

To learn more email mademen@refreshcommunity.church

Upcoming Events