Trees were created with purpose. Healthy trees support life. They protect. They offer shelter. But a tree cannot do what it was created to do unless it grows. Once we have planted and are rooted in relationship with God his people, growth is almost inevitable. But the amount and pace of growth is determined by the absorption of the right nutrients.

The knowledge of Christ and the ability to imitate Him is evidence of healthy growth in a Christian. God desires our transformation in character, conduct, actions and attitudes. This growth is often described as spiritual growth, but it also impacts the mental, emotional and physical life. It comes as a result of prayer, the study of God’s word and other spiritual habits. These are the necessary ingredients to facilitate the maturation meant for us, so that we as image bearers and Christ imitators can live out our purpose.

We dedicate time and opportunities, in addition to Sunday Service, to immerse ourselves in God’s word together at Grow Night and/ or in our Grow Groups.

Grow FAQ

What is Grow Night?

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What are Grow Groups?

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Is there an intentional plan for my growth?

We want to help you live like Jesus. So we base our classes and discipleship curriculum on Scripture that is laid out in this framework.

Life Cycle Framework