Why do we exist?


We exist to see:

Our Hearts


by Christ’s Presence

We exist to see:

Our Relationships


for Christ's Purpose

We exist to see:

Our Lives


by Christ’s Power

We exist to see:

Our Communities


by Christ’s People

What must we do?


We invite people to


in Commitment

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We invite people to


in Relationship

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We invite people to


in Discipleship

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We invite people to


in Service

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What will we prioritize?

key tools

Holy Spirit guidance

We prioritize creating space for the Holy Spirit to lead above strategy.

Prophetic preaching

We prioritize speaking convictional truth to this people, in this time and in this place.

Whole-life discipleship

We prioritize discipling the whole person, body, mind and spirit, for their whole life, womb to tomb.

Family Building

We prioritize being a spiritual family living out the“one- anothers” in community while promoting practices that cultivate family health both within the church and at home.

Transcultural worship

We prioritize a Sunday morning worship experience that transcends culture preferences and reaches the hearts of many, by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Gift cultivation

We prioritize developing people to understand and do what God created them to do.

Community partnerships

We prioritize locking arms with those who are invested in loving this community.

Content creation

We prioritize creating resources for those beyond our walls because the only way to change culture is to make more of it.