A tree's root system is often overlooked, but its intricacies determine the tree’s health and its ability to stay anchored and upright in a storm.  Healthy roots are persistent, can literally grow through rocks, all in an effort to provide the tree with what it needs.

The greatest fertilizer for the life of the Christian is love. Christ’s “never-stopping, never-giving up, always and forever love” is fuel for our existence. As He loves us, we are able to love Him. That cycle makes us able to love one another.

We aim to cultivate an environment where the deepest, widest, strongest roots can anchor us. This happens within deep, meaningful relationships. God’s created us for community, to enjoy being with him and sharing life with one another. This is his great delight.

In relationships we serve one another in times of need, repent to one another in times of struggle and encourage one another to walk in faithfulness to Jesus. We can remind one another of our purpose and speak the Gospel to our pain and our doubts. 

These relationships should stand in contrast to that of common friendships in that their source is Christ who is the sustainer of all life and our eternal Living Water.

We invite people to build new relationships in Life Groups that can lead to true community and deep roots.

Root FAQ

I want to connect but I’m not ready to commit to a group. What should I do?

One easy on-ramp is to check out our Women and Men’s Ministry opportunities.  They often hold events and group-like gatherings that can give you the opportunity to meet people and perhaps find someone with whom you would like to build a relationship. Check out our Women and Men page for more information.

What is the purpose of Life Groups?

The primary purpose is to create an environment where people build real relationships and connections with other followers of Jesus. Life Groups can also be a place where people learn more about Jesus together, share a common interest with one another, or study a topic together, but the goal is that long-term relationships are also formed.

How often do they meet and how long do they run?

Life Groups can meet at whatever rhythm the leader decides, but it is recommended that they meet no more than 1x per week and no less than 1x per month.

Who can lead a Life Group?

Anyone who is a church member can apply to lead a group. Once they have completed the Group Leader application process, done the Home Team training and met with a leader, they have what they need to lead a Life Group.

What is required of a Group Leader?

Life Group leaders do not need to be experts. They only need to commit to regular and clear communication and general care of their Life Group. More specific agreements are outlined in the training. They should reach out for help if they encounter challenges and leadership desires to provide additional care and shepherding needed.

How can I join a Life Group?

Follow this link to view all of the active Groups at Refresh Community Church

See LIfe Groups

How can I apply to lead a Life Group?

Life Group Leader Form