In order to produce and reproduce the fruit of the Spirit one must have a relationship with Christ. He is our power source. Our first desire is for people to be captured by His love and submit their lives to Him.

We also uphold the importance of planting with a local gathering of Christ-followers in fellowship and commitment.  We call this “church membership”: a covenant relationship between a local church and a Christian that affirms one’s profession of faith in Jesus and their commitment to and unity with this local expression of the Universal Church.

This is not the kind of membership that we find at Costco or a country club that is transactional. Rather, this membership elevates unity in diversity. God did not redeem us merely for ourselves but to belong to a greater community in which the different members help us know and understand God in ways that we would not be able to on our own.

When we PLANT in a covenant relationship with Christ and then in a local church, we are willingly placing ourselves in the best possible environment for care and cultivation.  

We will regularly and passionately call those who follow Christ and attend Refresh Community Church to PLANT through the commitment first to Jesus, and then to church membership.

Plant FAQ

I want to talk to someone about Jesus?

Read more about the person of Jesus here. But we would love to talk to you. Complete this brief form and someone will be in touch with you!

I want to know Jesus

What is required to become a member?

Those wanting to become a part of the Refresh family must attend a membership class, meet with a pastor, and align with, agree to and sign the church covenant.

How long is the membership class and when is it typically held?

The class is designed to be 4, 60-90 minute classes, typically held on Sunday at 8:30 am. The 4-week sessions run 2-3 times in the fall, spring and summer. A few times a year, we will also provide Saturday, all-day Membership “bootcamp” for those that are unable to attend a Sunday morning class.

What is the difference between being a church member and a regular attender?

A church member is mutually committing to the other members of this church body. They are joining this family, taking on the responsibilities of care for this “house” and its people, and are also allowing themselves to be cared for by others. This is expounded on further in the Membership Class.

What if I do not want to be a church member?

All are welcome to come and learn and be served by the church family, on Sunday morning, in Life Groups, and at Grow Night. We love that you are here.  It is our joy to serve you.  If you are still wondering about Jesus, your relationship with Him is the utmost priority.  If you are committed to Jesus, we truly believe that commitment to a local church is what is best for your good, so if our church is not one to which you can commit, our hope is that you will find a church family that you will allow to commit to you, and you to it.

How can I sign up for the next membership class?

Sign up here