At Refresh Community Church we invite people to Plant in commitment, Root in relationship, Grow in discipleship, and Multiply in service. In every aspect of this Life Cycle, people are a necessity.

But sometimes, busy rooms can be the loneliest places.  It’s hard to connect with people,  even harder to find deep meaningful relationships and the hardest to find people that want to help you grow in the image of Jesus.

Groups at Refresh Community Church are designed to provide some help.

Life Groups

are a great entry point.  Members are invited to lead groups where the  primary purpose is to create an environment where people can build real relationships and connections with other followers of Jesus. People of similar or different cultures or life stages gather to share a common interest or study a topic, but the hope is that long-term relationships are also formed.

The rhythms and level of time commitment will vary but it is recommended that Life Groups meet no more than 1x per week and no less than 1x per month.

Grow Groups

are designed for those seeking a more structured discipleship-based Group. Trained leaders invite 3-5 same gender individuals to participate in a discipleship curriculum designed to walk them through both scripture and application of what it looks like to live like Jesus.

These groups require a higher level of commitment and meet weekly (with breaks for holidays etc) for 1-2 years.

How can I learn more about Life Groups?

Email our Associate Pastor Bryce Van Deraa at to learn more.

Contact Bryce

How can I learn more about Grow Groups?

Email our Grow Night Coordinator Jonathan Francois at to learn more.

Contact Jonathan