Hearts Refreshed.

Relationships Renewed.

Lives Rebuilt.

Communities Restored.

With Christ, it's possible.

We are glad you're here

It is no coincidence. We welcome you to browse around and get to know more about us.  But please, come and see for yourself what God is doing in and through Refresh Community Church.

Join Us for Vacation Bible School!

JUNE 3 - 6

This year's theme for VBS is, Scuba: Diving Into Friendship with God. This program will be from June 3rd-6th (Mon-Thurs), for kids ages 4 yrs. - 6th grade (going into 6th grade). You can expect your kids to sings songs, have a ton of fun, learn, and leave wanting to dive into friendship with God!

The evenings will begin with dinner for the whole family at 5:30pm, before the VBS program officially kicks off at 6:00pm. There will be something for the whole family!

We invite you to come experience this fun Summer week with us at Refresh Community Church!  

Easter. God of the Impossible.

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Sermon Series


Liberated. The Poor. The Captives. The Blind. The Oppressed. A series in the gospel of Luke.

Our Life Cycle

Whether you join us at Refresh Community church or not, our prayer and our heart for you is the same. We believe that "refreshing" comes from being Planted in Commitment to Jesus and His church, Rooted in Relationship, Growing in discipleship and Multiplying in Service. We call this the Life Cycle and we invite you to consider it.
There's nothing that compares.

"I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full."

John 10:10b


in Commitment

In a world with endless options, Jesus invites us to commit, first to relationship with Him. He gives us a new heart (we call this salvation), and a new family (we call this church membership).


in Relationship

We cultivate an environment where the deepest, widest, strongest roots can anchor us. This happens within meaningful relationships. God created us for community, to enjoy being with him and sharing life with one another. This is his great delight.


in Discipleship

The knowledge of Christ and the ability to imitate Him is evidence of healthy growth in a Christian. God desires our transformation in character, conduct, actions and attitudes.


in Service

A life of fruitfulness is our aim, but we bear the fruit of our source.  If we live and love and serve in our own strength, our fruit will be as limited as we are.  When our good works and behavior are nourished by Jesus, His church and His Word, the quality and reach have no limits.